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Personal Clay Creations

Immortalize yourself in clay!

Using photos, we can create a full-body or head only caricature of you or a loved one, using polymer clays.

Head caricatures:
Approximately 6-8" tall, mounted on a 4" diameter wooden base. Each caricature requires 2 quality, clear, close up photographs. One full front facial shot, and at least one full face profile.
Remember, I have only these photos to base the sculpture on, so please send pictures you like!
price: $150

Body Caricatures:
Also available are full body sculptures. They range from 12-15" tall, on a 7 x 7" wooden base. For this, I require 4 quality photos. At least 2 head shots (one full front and one profile) and 2 body shots (also front and profile). All full bodied caricatures will be clothed in your choice of casual wear, or using some of the custom options below.

  1. Jeans and tee shirt ($250/ea)
  2. Casual trousers and polo shirt ($250/ea)
  3. "Professional" career clothes ($275/ea)
  4. Wedding attire (contact us for pricing)
  5. Renaissance attire ($275/ea)
    • For women:
      Off the shoulder shirt, bodice and skirt
    • For men:
      Long sleeved shirt, vest and pants
  6. Royal Renaissance attire (contact us for pricing)

All photos will be returned in their original condition along with your completed caricature. I will also include a release form, if you would be interested in being included in a portfolio book about these sculptures. Please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery on all Custom Clay Creations.

Wedding attire, and "royal" outfitting is priced individually, based on the clothing choices, so please use this form to ask, or email your request to :
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