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Standing Barking Dog Gargoyle

Barking Dog Gargoyle

In keeping with the earliest original gargoyles, these long-necked creatures were designed to fit your tabletop.
3"x3"x13" only
  Interior $25 plus s/h (5 lbs)
  Exterior $30 plus s/h (7 lbs)


Hanging Barking Dog Gargoyle

Same as above, but hanging (instructions here)
Interior $30 plus s/h (5 lbs)

Exterior $35 plus s/h (8lbs)

Hanging Barking Dog Gargoyle
Chained Beast Gargoyle

Chained Beast

In the Tuscany Region of Italy there reigns a chained beast; fierce in heart and spirit.He's ready to defend you and yours
18 x 19 on a 6 inch base
  Interior $65 plus s/h (26 lbs)
  Exterior $70 plus s/h (29 lbs)


Clemente Pedestal

Designed after the New York City's Irving Plaza gargoyle, he comes complete with pedestal top for a small object.
Interior $20 plus s/h (7 lbs)

Clemente Pedestal
Clemente Gargoyle Bracket

Clemente Gargoyle Bracket

This gargoyle is based on New York City's own Irving Plaza resident, hunched under a bracket top for a small artifact of your own.
  Interior $35 plus s/h (10 lbs)
  Exterior $40 plus s/h (13 lbs)

Sentinel Gargoyle

Borrowing from Dante's infamous sentiment, this is the perfect sign for over the door to give anyone an infernal greeting who decides to stop by. Give all your guests the "warmest" welcome possible.
9" H x 15 1/2" L

Interior - ($35.00 plus s/h- 8lbs)
Exterior - ($40.00 plus s/h- 13lbs)

Sentinel Gargoyle

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