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Gnawing Gargoyle

Gnawing gargoyle

This little beast seems to be enjoying his latest victim.

  Interior $15 plus s/h (2 lbs)




Widely used in heraldry, the griffin was a symbol of Royalty. With a lion's body, and an Eagle's wings, it's no wonder the Royals used it.
23 x 6 on a 10 inch base
Interior $110 (32 lbs)
Exterior $120 (35 lbs)

Large Spitting Gargoyle Bracket

Spitting Gargoyle Bracket

Justly named, this gargoyle appears to be spitting at all he sees. Comes complete with a shelf top large enough to hold a small planter or candle.
  Interior $35 plus s/h (6 lbs)
  Exterior $40 plus s/h (9 lbs)


Lion Bookends

Let the king of the beasts keep your books in order. Royal symbols for a kingdom of reading.
Interior $65 plus s/h (17 lbs)

Lion Bookends
Winged Lion Pedestal

Winged Lion Pedestal

Perfect size to place a candle on, our lion is a wonderful addition to any home.

  5"x8" Interior $20 plus s/h (6lbs)

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